Meet Our Team

President of SDC Energy

Charles Schaffer

Mr. Schaffer is a serial developer of multiple types of solar installations and real estate having developed and funded over $45 million of commercial solar projects for the benefit of private investors over the past 10 years. In this leadership role, Mr. Schaffer has successfully managed all aspects of fund raising and oversaw the origination and underwriting of commercial solar projects. He has developed partners throughout the industry to expand pipeline of projects for investors.

Chief Executive Officer at Sunforce Solutions International, Inc.

Dr. Philipp Herzog

Dr. Herzog is an experienced management consultant to leading international clients in areas such as strategy, finance, and development of emerging PV technologies. His prior clients include Bayer AG, Škoda Auto a.s., and Evonik Industries. Philipp holds a PhD and Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Münster, Germany, and has developed Sunforce’s unique financing products and standardized approach to solar installations.

Chief Operating Officer at Sunforce Solutions International, Inc.

Jens Herzog

Mr. Herzog is a former leading sales executive at Conergy AG. He built the Sales Department for Conergy in the U.S. and sold the first commercial solar systems. Among his clients were national grocery chain, a non-profit food bank, and other commercial entities in the U.S. Mr. Herzog was instrumental in establishing the German American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco and consulted and advised leading German solar companies on the renewable energy markets in the U.S. He is a German lawyer.

Board Chair at Sunforce Solutions International, Inc.

Craig Hunt

Mr. Hunt brings over 40 years of experience in oil & gas, wind and solar projects. As a co-founder of Solar Power Partners Inc. and advisor of SunLink Corp., he has pioneered the utilization of PPAs in solar. Prior work includes Senior CPA Manager at Arthur Anderson overseeing leasing transactions, each requiring IRS letter rulings, and Adjunct Professor of Tax at Golden Gate University. He was also a Navy Jag officer attached to the naval base at Treasure Island and retired a Commander.

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