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Managing Partner - Vires Capital

Vincent Buron

Mr. Buron has accumulated over 25 years of industry experience, including progressive positions as Chief Operating Officer of Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners (world’s largest pure-play renewable power fund, currently valued at over $20B), Managing Director at Hydro-Quebec, and Chief Executive Officer of an Aboriginal Development Corporation, providing leadership and direction in securing billions of dollars in financing. Vincent brings with him an in-depth understanding of Indigenous cultur

Senior Partner - Vires Capital

Michael Gaul

Mr. Gaul has 20+ years of A-list networking, negotiations on large contracts, Aboriginal joint ventures, partnership agreements and financing ventures leading to a positive influence on projects exceeding $20B. He is an expert when it comes to government relations and raising equity. Mike is a former NHL and pro hockey player with involvement in countless noble charitable causes.

Partner - Vires Capital

David Waldron

Mr. Waldron has had a 25-year career in helping businesses design their strategies and seek financing based on those strategies. With a Master’s Degree in Economics, specialising in natural resource financing, Mr. Waldron joined SECOR Consulting and helped grow the firm from its Canadian routes to become a boutique international strategy firm and Canada’s largest independent management consultancy. David joined KPMG’s Business Advisory team in 2012 and took a leadership role as KPMG’s Global Lea

Partner - Vires Capital

Daniel Doyon

A former power trader at Brookfield optimizing assets worth up to $18B, and currently CEO of a quantitative power scheduling affiliate, Mr. Doyon has built on 10 years of experience in electric utilities. Daniel is an authority on the North American electric power markets, asset valuation, and equity/debt financing.

Partner - Vires Capital

Carmine Marcello

Mr. Marcello was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Hydro One in January 2013. He joined Ontario Hydro in 1987 and has over 30 years’ experience in the electric utility industry. During his distinguished tenure at Hydro One, his team architected and finalized the ground-breaking $580M Bruce to Milton (B2M) partnership with Saugeen Ojibway Nation and initiated the $260M sale of 2.4% of Hydro One to the First Nations in Ontario. He retired in 2016 and has been much sought after sin

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