Deal Highlights

  • Cityzenith is a platform to create virtual replicas of buildings, infrastructure and other physical assets

  • Only Digital Twin platform to span entire lifecycle of the building from design through operations 

  • Early customers include Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, Lendlease, W.S. Atkins, Stantec, Massport, and Prologis

  • Secured $7M in funding to date

  • The pre-money valuation is $21.5 million.

  • Major global projects under contract in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia

  • Experienced management team with successful track record; CEO Michael Jansen generated a 1700% return for early investors in his previous business

  • Digital twin market expected to grow at a CAGR of 37.87% to reach $15.66B by 2023

  • Recipient of industry awards including “Top Up and Comer” Chicago Innovation Awards, “Best Innovation” from World Smart Cities Awards, “Best Tech Innovation in Commercial/Corporate Real Estate” from Realcomm Digie Awards and winner of Dreamit Urbantech Competition

  • Press coverage from BBC, Architect’s Newspaper, and more

  • Featured in "Early Investing" magazine in August 2019 as the recommended investment of the month. Previous recommended investments include Dropbox, Spotify, and Lyft.

  • Investment is in the InfraShares Cityzenith Capital Fund LLC which will invest directly into Cityzenith (see Deal Room for details)

The problem

There is no single platform that meets the needs of the global Smart City industry

Architects, planners, property owners, and governments use dozens of disconnected tools. The problem costs the world 100’s of billions of dollars every year--we created Smart World Pro to solve it. 

The world is building bigger real estate projects in larger numbers than ever before. “The world’s population could add another 2.5 billion people to urban areas by 2050.” (source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs)

As a young architect fresh out of Yale and Cambridge in the early 90’s, our founder and CEO, Michael Jansen, was thrown onto massive urban-scale building projects in Asia, and witnessed first hand just how complicated these large projects were to design, build, and operate.

Fast forward to 2016, owners and architects were using dozens and dozens of as many as 7,000 different, disconnected software tools and data services just to do one project, with almost none of those tools interoperating or cross communicating, making the task of designing and operating these large projects at scale almost impossible. It’s a $2 trillion dollar problem that impacts every major world market...and we created Smart World to solve it.

The solution

Ground-breaking new technology called "digital twinning"

Digital Twins are 3D virtual replicas of buildings, infrastructure, and other physical assets connected to the data in and around them. Digital Twins are used primarily to optimize performance and predict and visualize future outcomes across functional areas in cities like maintenance, energy consumption, space utilization, traffic management, and public safety.

Cityzenith’s revolutionary 3D Digital Twin platform, Smart World Pro, is pioneering the development and implementation of Digital Twins in Smart Cities around the world in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Asia. 

The platform’s unique advantage is that it aggregates more software tools and data than any other platform in the market today, and is the only platform to integrate solutions across the entire life cycle of a city from design and construction through operations and tenancy. Think of it as a vast 3D Digital Legoland for building professionals, where all of the information that you need to design, build, and run a project, at any scale, is right where you want it to be. Digital Twin users include architects, planners, governments, property managers, construction companies, systems integrators, and many more.The world is building bigger Smart City projects in larger numbers than ever before. The planet must build the equivalent of 10,000 new cities by 2050 just to accommodate the expected population boom. How will the world meet this challenge? The solution lies in a ground-breaking new technology trend called “Digital Twinning”. 

The Smart World Advantage

A Platform to meet Global Growth

The platform's unique advantage is that it aggregates more software tools and data than any other platform in the market today, and is the only platform to integrate solutions across the entire life-cycle of a city from design and construction through operations and tenancy.

Think of it as a vast 3D Digital Legoland for building professionals, where all of the information that you need to design, build, and run a project – at any scale – is right where you want it to be. Digital Twin users include architects, planners, governments, property managers, construction companies, systems integrators and many more.



As seen in


"It took Cityzenith six years of intense development to get its product right. It officially launched its platform in 2018. It was worth the wait. Since July 2018, the company has secured projects with 10 major global customers ... For a new company to be entrusted with such a high-profile projects is highly unusual. That speaks to the strength of Cityzenith’s platform."

- Andrew Gordon EDITOR, Early Investing



“Top Up and Comer”

Chicago Innovation Awards 2019

2016 Realcomm Digie Award

“Best Tech Innovation in

Commercial/Corporate Real Estate”

Dreamit Urbantech Competition

New Smart Campus™

World Smart Cities Awards,

Barcelona Finalist, Best Innovation



Since July 2018, we've signed contracts or LOIs with 10 major tier 1 customers

Cityzenith markets to global real estate owners, infrastructure players, and architecture and engineering firms, and has secured major global clients in each of these sectors since product launch last summer in 2018.

We are on track to achieve our goal this year of securing 8-10 customers. 4 of our customers appear in ENR Top 100 lists. 

  1. Amaravati Smart City, India (pilot complete)

    • Foster + Partners

    • A marquee greenfield Smart City in India that will be home to 3.5 million residents

  2. Cushman & Wakefield, Chicago

    • The world’s 3rd largest global property management firm

    • Global partnership to co-develop and co-sell Digital Twins solutions around the world

  3. East West Rail Alliance, UK

    • U.K. (W.S. Atkins)

    • A 102 km rail and real estate development mega-project connecting Oxford and Cambridge

  4. Marischal Square, New Aberdeen

    • CBRE

    • Marischal Square is the most significant development designed to transform the centre of Aberdeen.

  5. Elephant & Castle, London

    • Lendlease

    • With Southwark Council to deliver a GBP£2.3 billion regeneration programme on 28 acres in the centre of Elephant & Castle

  6. Massport A2 project, Boston

    • Boston Global Investors/Sasaki

    • A world-class development and destination within the heart of Boston’s booming Seaport District.

  7. Prologis, San Francisco

    • $79 billion in total assets under management

    • 3D BAM Baseline Asset Modeling for 4 major industrial facilities

  8. Quantum Computing Center, Rhode Island

    • Entanglement Research Institute

    • A state-of-the-art quantum computing campus on 5.2 acres

  9. Rudin Management Inc., New York City

    • New York City’s largest privately-held building owner

    • 7 large commercial buildings in New York City corporate campus

  10. Silk City, Kuwait

    • Perkins & Will

    • A new greenfield city on 60,000 acres near Kuwait City

  11. Waterfront Tampa

    • SPP Properties (the 2nd largest real estate project in North America)

    • A $3.5 billion, 53-acre new Smart City campus/mega real estate deve heast Tampa Bay


Use cases

East West Rail Project Phase 2 (EWRP2)

East West Rail Alliance, W.S. Atkins

Cityzenith’s Smart World Pro provides an executive project dashboard and end-to-end digital twin and data visualization solution, “from design-to-demolition.” Users will be able to aggregate, search using natural language and voice-search capabilities, view and interact with design information in any format, from any software, monitor construction activities at a greater level of detail and run analysis as needed.

Business Model

Cityzenith's Smart World Pro platform is a SaaS solution

Users are charged recurring fees annually and payments are made in advance. Cityzenith also earns revenue by providing supporting professionals services solutions including 3D modeling, data loading, and custom API integration services. Approx. 66% of the company’s revenues recur annually.

Pricing Model

  1. Smart World Pro (SWP) - Annual SaaS subscription - $30,000+

  2. Smart World Web (SWW) - Annual SaaS subscription - $10,000+

  3. Baseline Asset Modeling As A Service (BAMaaS) - Users manually import and model Digital Twins via our SWW platform - $500 per building 

  4. Modeling Services - Clients provide planned or existing building models i.e. CAD, Revit, Lidar, PDF to our modeling services team who model, process and import into SWP/SWW - $2,000 - $2,500 per building

  5. Data Loading - Loading GIS, building, IoT, and other contextual data into SWP/SWW - $25 per hour

  6. Data Hosting - Hosting all client data on AWS cloud - $6,000 annually

  7. Custom Development - Cityzenith provides custom development for the creation of custom dashboards and custom user interfaces for clients - $100 per hour



The digital twin market was valued in 2019 at $1.82B 

It is expected to reach $15.66B by 2023, at a CAGR of 37.87% during the forecast period.

Market facts:

  • There are over 120 million managed commercial properties in the world (source: Cushman & Wakefield)

  • The world’s largest 100 real estate companies own assets worth 2.6 trillion 

  • The world’s top 500 AEC firms billed over 50 billion last year (source: ENR)


We have a 3-4 year lead on potential competition in the market

Cityzenith’s platform is uniquely non-proprietary, and is preferred to expensive, closed platforms provided by major software players like Dassault. Smaller competitors have not raised as much funding as Cityzenith has, lack the same market awareness, or product maturity.

We segment competition into 2 categories: established and emerging. 

Established players include:

  • ESRI

  • Autodesk

  • Dassault

Emerging players include

  • Urbanetic

  • Willow


Raised over $7M to date from individual high net worth investors

Cityzenith has raised over $7M in seed funding to date from private investors around the world in over 12 countries, including across the US, Europe, the MIddle East, and Asia. Individual investors have invested as much as $1M, and as little as a few thousand $$$.


What's next

We plan to use the newly raised funds to help us scale into profitability over the next 12 months 

We are already talking to strategic investors about the next round, a growth financing, later this year. Cityzenith believes that a strategic exit via a sale or IPO is possible within 3-5 years, and hopes to provide a 5-10x return to investors on exit, minimally. Cityzenith’s CEO has provided investors returns that exceed 17x in the past. 

*Past performance cannot predict future performance, investment results may vary and no guarantee of a return on investment is being made


Founder & Team

Michael Jansen

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

An impassioned architect, urbanist, and entrepreneur, Michael has founded and led high-growth companies in the US and Asia for more than two decades. He studied architecture at Yale and Cambridge, earned a Fulbright Scholarship, and worked as an architect in India and China for several years leading the Asia practices of two major US-based international architecture firms. In 2004, he founded a major BIM services company in India backed by Sequoia Capital, which grew to over 500 employees in just 4 years.

In 2010, Michael assumed the helm at Cityzenith as CEO and embarked on his personal mission to transform life in cities around the globe. Michael has been featured on CNN, CNBC, and in several major business, government, and AEC publications worldwide. He has also received several awards for his work, including Building Design and Construction’s “40 Under 40” award. In 2014, Michael was honored as a World Cities Summit Young Leader in Singapore for his life-long contribution to improving sustainability and the quality of life in cities. A husband and father of three, Michael speaks four languages and plays the guitar.

Jon Feutz


Systems engineer and backend developer for the past 20 years, specializing in data collection and api design.

Served in the Air Force as a computer analyst and later as a lead developer and architect in a large financial institution

Brad C. Burgess

Senior Manager, Business Development

Brad has been involved in the Surveying & Mapping Industry since 1980. Early in his career, Brad worked as a draftsman for a photogrammetric mapping firm and held several land surveying positions, including a tour in the U.S. Army as an Airborne Construction Surveyor.

Over the last 20(+) years, Brad has worked in technical sales, sales management, and business development for some of the world’s leading AEC technology manufacturers, focused on accelerating the adoption of emerging 3D geospatial technologies.

Nenad Katic​

UI/UX Development

Nenad Katic (b/ 1977 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia) is an architect, designer and software engineer whose work spans many disciplines at the intersection of creativity and technology. He leads UXUI development at Cityzenith.

He has built real world structures, including an acclaimed experimental sustainable house and a museum, led the ground-breaking development of world’s first digital city, art-directed dozens of major architectural projects globally and coded websites, installations, video games, business apps and virtual reality experiences for world’s most prestigious organizations