What is ShareRoute?


The future of personal and professional ground transportation.

Easy ordering--SMS, online, interactive voice, apps, and via your calendar. 

Optimized routing and scheduling of taxis and shuttles.

Real-time and pre-scheduled.

More efficient, pleasant, and personal than Public Transit. 

Much cheaper than a taxi, Uber, or Lyft.  



Our Challenges  


    Replace driving and parking.

    Make shared transportation (private and public) desirable and efficient.




The ShareRoute Solution 


ShareRoute makes public and private shared transportation desirable and efficient.  Travel to and from multiple

points, stations, and hubs on optimized-route, shared vehicles. 


Our inexpensive, on-demand service can be ordered in real-time and pre-scheduled, even repeated rides for months in advance.   


We upgrade the operations of taxis, shuttles, and buses to make private vehicles unnecessary. 

Simple, straightforward ordering via app, Calendar, SMS, Interactive Voice Response, & Online.



Applications for professional shared vehicles:    rider, driver, dashboard


  • Faster, easier, & cheaper than private cars.
  • More efficient, personal and reliable than public transport. 
  • First and last mile for public transit.   Make rapid inter-city transit easily accessible. 
  • Positioned to be the operating system for shared autonomous vehicles.
  • Lower prices for riders and higher profits for drivers..
  • Addresses traffic congestion with no change in infrastructure.




Target Market


      Individual passengers and groups.

      Private and public operators and providers of taxis and shared transportation.

      Businesses and Institutions.

      City authorities.





Due to Coronavirus,  public transportation in Israel is 80% discontinued and taxis are limited to 1 rider (2 if going to work).

ShareRoute will facilitate transit for employees of essential services and provide ordering applications for private taxi companies.






To make on-demand shared transportation professional, personal, responsive, affordable, efficient, and desirable through

simple ordering and advanced scheduling, tracking, and navigation.




The relationship between ShareRoute USA and ShareRoute Israel 


  • ShareRoute Israel (2015)    The hub of research and development.  
  • ShareRoute USA (2019)   Exclusive worldwide* rights to technology and intellectual property.


Investments and Awards: 


      $380,000 invested 


      Awards and grants of $50,000, including:

  • June 2015 Eco-motion Fuel Choices Accelerator, run by Prime Minister's Office of Innovation.  Awarded  $25,000.
  • July 2018 finalist, Smart Village Challenge, sponsored by German Embassy and Israel Innovation Authority
  • Simulation and customization, NYC Airlink shuttles. higher occupancy & lower transit time.   Awarded $25,000.
  •  March 2019 chosen by the Torino (Italy) City Lab for an experimental pilot



Return on Investment


  • Following our successful pilot, we anticipate our share value to increase by significant multiples, year after year. 
  • ShareRoute USA owns 100% of the technology and rights of worldwide distribution, *outside of Israel.



Meet Our Team

Software Developer

Priyanka Sharma

Priyanka Sharma, from Nasirabad, Rajasthan, India, is a rock star mobile app developer and has developed apps for chat, taxis, social, fax, coupons, messenger…you name it. A highly talented and analytical decision-maker with exceptional organizational abilities, Priyanka has a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology (the MIT of India)

Business Development and Marketing

Gilad Kummer

Gilad served 3 years in the Israel Defense Forces teaching navigation to Reconnaissance Commandos. Gilad now manages ShareRoute’s efforts in seeking strategic partners and investors, and is determined to make ShareRoute a household name.


Neil Kummer

Neil is originally from Los Angeles, studied English and French Literature, and moved to Israel in 1978. He founded and managed multiple businesses, institutions, and community projects including Kef International Relocations (1975), Mizmor le David Synagogue (2004), and Mizmor Community Organic Garden (2007). He has been creating revolutionary transportation initiatives for at least 20 years.

Backend Director

Jignesh Patgir

Jignesh has a BA and MA in Computer Science. He is a versatile, high-energy pro with 5 years of strong IT experience in backend and BizDev.

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